Kindness is contagious!


It has been a few years since I shared on this blog. My life is good and has been full of blessings.

This has been a hard winter in our valley. Never in my lifetime have I seen this much snow fall consecutively in our area. The storms just keep coming. Schools have been closed for five days and stores have closed early.We have been cautioned repeatedly not to drive unless necessary and to slow down if we do. There have been several power outages and folks have been without heat for hours. God bless our Idaho Power linemen who go out into the frigid weather to repair those lines. I have whispered more prayers for their safety than ever before. We have ice dams in our gutters and heavy snow weighting our roofs.

This year I have joined several neighbors as we have repeatedly cleaned off our own driveways and sidewalks. We helped those who are unable to do their own and have pushed one another’s cars to assist them on their way. It has warmed my heart to see the outpouring of help amongst my neighbors; neighbors helping neighbors. One thing the snow has brought is camaraderie. It has been fun to lean on our snow shovels and visit with one another after the shoveling is completed.

I am not one to get easily discouraged but I must admit to a pity party or two these last few weeks. Yesterday I spent hours chipping away the ice with my husband’s garden shovel.The handle is worn smooth with indentations where his hands once gripped it. The blade is small from the many times it has been sharpened with a grinder. It is my prized possession. Once I dislodged the ice I could pick it up with the snow shovel. It was heavy. My mounds of snow are getting so tall it is hard for me to throw the snow over to the other side. My emotions were getting the best of me but I managed to get the sidewalks and garage slab cleaned before the end of the day. As I worked I watched the neighbor boys run up and down the streets on the four wheeler squealing with joy. I smiled thinking, “I remember feeling like that.”

This morning I awoke at five a.m.. I planned to go to Winco for additional Icemelt. I have been calling all over the valley and no one has any. Winco gets their shipments in a 5:30 a.m. and my intent was to go early and bring some home for myself and my neighbors. Then I looked outside and saw we had another two inches of snow and it was coming down hard. The news again told how treacherous the road conditions were so I skipped my trip to Winco. My friends went later and guess what; Winco’s shipment did not come in due to the road conditions. I decided I needed more coffee before I tackled the new snowfall. I would wait until it stopped snowing.

Later in the morning the snow turned to rain. I had gone out for a short while checking the drains and trying to divert the water away from the house. I came inside cold and wet. I looked out my front window and noticed that part of my sidewalk was cleared. I opened the door prepared to yell at my neighbors, Orville and Doris for being out in those conditions. They have been faithful to me. To my surprise it wasn’t them but a father and his two sons who live in the end of our cul-de-sac. I went outside to thank them and came inside to bake a batch of thank you cookies. I commend parents who teach their children the value of helping others with no rewards expected.  If truth were told there might have been a tear or two that slide down my cheek while inside the sanctity of my own home.

Have you ever been the recipient of goodness that just left your heart smiling? Perhaps you are the one who shared the goodness and it made your own heart smile. At any rate, those young boys touched me deeply this morning. My heart was smiling so brightly it found it’s way to my face. It renewed my faith in young people.

Kindness is contagious and the world needs more of it. It is up to you and I to put it there. Kindness; pass it on. It can put a smile on someone’s HEART and maybe your own will smile a little too.

PS Now I need to find someone with a grinder. The blade on my husband’s shovel doesn’t look like it once did.





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  1. Nicki, this was so interesting, and know the weather has made it hard for so many people, but love how you all are making do and enjoying the socialization and care of each other. Love the story of the father and sons who came to scoop you out–love that. I think of all the care you have given folks all these many years!

    so good to hear your health is good. We wonder about you from time to time.

    We have had snow for a month or more, and low temperatures in Walla Walla, but it is still nothing like we are hearing about around the Treasure Valley.

    We pray that the weather moderates and people can be safe! Love, Ruth and Duane Buchtel

    On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 1:17 PM, Four Reasons to Fight wrote:

    > Nicki Wong posted: “It has been a few years since I shared on this blog. > My life is good and has been full of blessings. This has been a hard winter > in our valley. Never in my lifetime have I seen this much snow fall > consecutively in our area. The storms just keep coming. S” >

  2. Great to read your blog again Nicki. Yes this has been some winter…not one that will be forgotten soon. The backhoe and tractor and blade have been used repeatedly by Ron, Chris and Matthew to clear our country neighbors big driveways so they could get out for food and appointments. The country roads have been unpassable at times. Thank you to the Notus-Parma and Golden Gate Highway Districts who have worked day after day trying to clear them before another storm comes along. We too thank the Idaho Power employees for their middle of the night treks into the COLD and darkness. Ron and I were awake when two nights in a row the power went off. I told Ron how bad I felt for the guys out trying to fix it when the temps were -0! Very thankful it was back on within 3-4 hours. Doug’s subdivision was nearly impossible to get out of in their front wheel drive cars. Mike was nice enough to loan them his 4 wheel drive vehicle so they could get out for medical appts and groceries. Mike is always there for everyone. 🙂 If you can wait on the shovel sharpening until Ron’s shoulder can work again he will be happy to sharpen it for you. Like Lolly, they are of the old school and know how to put an edge on those shovels. Hope to see you soon…meaning when roads are clear, temps have warmed some and we can drive safely again. Take care friend, Margaret

  3. Nicki – great to see your long overdue blog post. I always like reading your posts. So very glad that you are feeling well and that you and your neighbors are doing well despite all of the snow. It is nice when people come together to help each other. Reaffirms our faith in fellow man (and woman!)

    I especially like your message of “Kindness, pass it on.” What many don’t understand is that the giver of a kindness, gets so much more out of it than the receiver. There is nothing better than seeing a smile on someones face and knowing that you had a part in putting it there.

    Love to you and your family!

    Tammy Holloway

  4. Loved your blog post, Nicki. I’m grateful your neighbors helped you. You are a wonderful writer. I hope conditions improve soon. What s mess!!! Susie

  5. Nikki,
    I enjoyed your post. I also have been overwhelmed with the love and kindness of friends, family, and sometimes complete strangers since Phyllis had the brain bleed in June. Our struggle has brought out the goodness in people and they have stepped up to help us in many ways. They have been God’s hands and feet as I learn to care for Phyllis. This is not my natural skill set and I would not have made it without their hearts to serve. May we all learn to look for the best in people and be inspired to show kindness to others when the opportunity presents itself. Jeff

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