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A New Beginning


This has been a long week. I had classes on Monday & Wednesday nights to teach me how to regain my strength,  a therapy treatment on my arm and chest area on Thursday, ending with chemo on Friday.

When I arrived at work on Friday my desk area decorated with crepe paper streamers and a balloon. A gorgeous pink orchid sat in the middle of my desk. Jessi had stayed late after work on Thursday to work her magic. Allison, another co-worker had baked a cake in the shape of a cancer bow decorating it with pink icing. The office staff enjoyed eating her yummy dessert and I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face….one long year of treatment was ending for me. My daughter arrived at 10:30 to whisk me away for my final chemo treatment. I was greeted warmly by the nurses in the chemo suite, given my dose of Herceptin followed by hugs and well wishes as I left. I thought back to that day one year ago when I entered MSTI for my first treatment. What a difference in the emotions that I felt; then and now.

Paige had invited Todd, Kristy and Michael to join us for lunch. I sat at the table with my little family (minus the gradsons) around me enjoying a celebratory lunch reveling in their love and God’s goodness to me. We share a closeness that I wish more families had. We ate and the other three headed off in their own directions and I spent the rest of the day with my girl.

I wanted to go to Whole Foods and walk up and down the aisle to see the many choices of organic food they had and my wish had been granted. I was overwhelmed with the store; almost too many foods to pick from! Paige took me to another stop that I needed to go to then we were off on a shopping marathon. She and I are 2-3 hour maximum shoppers! We were able to find a couple of tops and a swimsuit for me. My children are taking me to the Bahamas later in the year thus the need for a suit. We ended our day with a healthy smoothie. Yum, yum! I drove home and crashed on the sofa sleeping until 7 P.M..

I awoke early this morning. I was planning on walking the Race for the Cure downtown Boise with Kristy and Paige. Paige rang the doorbell shortly after 7 A.M.. She brought me a gift from Michael; Under Armour sports socks complete with the cancer bow on them. Smiling I took off my other footies and placed Michael’s gift upon my feet. We headed out the door.

I confess that I really detest large crowds and I knew I would be surrounded by thousands of people. Although nervous it was something that I wanted to do this year. With your generous donations supporting me, we were able to donate over $1600.00 for Komen Race for the Cure. The last time I checked I was the 2nd highest individual with the most donations. The company I work for; Farm Credit was also in the top five teams contributing to the cause. I walked the 5k race with my sister-in-law (April), my niece and her husband (Sharon and Josh Gerving) and my two daughters (Paige and Kristy). I was so proud and blessed to have my family support me with their presence. We finished the race then Paige and I headed to Blue Sky Bagels for our treat. After each chemo treatment we always treated ourselves to a bagel and it was fitting to finish my year-long treatments and the race with one last bite of goodness. We drove home.  I relaxed on my patio, listening to the trickling water fountain, enjoying the beauty of my tiny courtyard thinking once again how fortunate I am.

Now it is time to put this past year behind me and forge a new beginning. Blessings to each of you who make my life so very special.

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PS These ‘hunka, hunka burnin’ loves’ are NOT part of my new beginnings.