Neighbors Helping Neighbors


I had chemo last Friday. The drug, Herceptin is easily tolerated. The only side effect that I experience is tiredness. The tips of my fingernails have lifted but I have not lost any of them.  My toenails however are disappearing. Four toenails have now fallen off and two more will definitely be going in a few weeks. Surprisingly they didn’t hurt much when they came off. I do have something to be excited about; the feeling in my feet is starting to return. I worried the numb sensation in my feet and fingertips would be permanent. It looks as though I will be spared that and I am truly grateful. I could walk on level floors perfectly but walking on uneven ground was quite another thing. I couldn’t feel the ground under me and would have fallen several times if others had not reached out to steady me.

My sister, Glenda came to spend the weekend with me. We went to dinner with our friend, Jack then returned to my home to visit. We laughed and it felt good to be with people I am comfortable with.

Saturday afternoon Maxton and Carter came to spend time with me while their parents went to a hockey game. Maxton had called earlier in the day assuring me that only he and Carter were staying not his mom and dad. He likes it when his parents leave.  I grew tired in the early evening and lay down on the sofa knowing my sister would watch my grandsons. Although my eyes were closed I was not asleep. I felt Maxton trying to cover me with the soft red throw that I always drape across him. Carter followed suit by laying his own blue blanket on my chest. I could feel his breathe on my cheek as he leaned in close to my face.

Carter is extremely attached to his blue blanket. Grandma Goodson hand knit both boys beautiful baby blankets. Maxton’s is white and Carter’s a soft baby blue. Both boys sleep with those blankets and when they cry they want their blankets to comfort them. For Carter to lay his blanket upon my chest was a real sign of love; he would share his beloved ‘blankie’ with Grandma Nicki. I could feel my sister smiling as she watched my grandsons covering me with blankets and love.

It snowed on Monday. I watched the snow as it dropped and swirled with the wind. Sitting at my desk at work I enjoyed watching it fall. Though lovely to look at I was dreading going home to shovel all the walks and driveway. I left work at five and slowly made my way home on slick roads. Entering the subdivision I made the decision that I would not shovel all four walks. I would leave the east sidewalk covered with snow. As I turned toward my home I could see two neighbors, Orville and Doris with shovels in their hands heading towards my home. I parked on the street and told them I would change and join them. I quickly slipped out of my dress slacks and into a pair of jeans. When I went outside a third neighbor, Judy was shoveling the walks as well. I looked left to see yet another neighbor, Ron on his four-wheeler. He had attached a blade and was clearing my driveway. I did very little shoveling that night. Quickly my driveway and all four sidewalks were void of snow due to the thoughtfulness of my neighbors. Neighbors helping neighbors was my Monday blessing. My friends covered me with love just like my grandsons. What wonderful people to share in my life.


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  1. So heartwarming, Nicki….Through it all, you have a very grateful heart and it is for the little things as well as the big. I always want to practice being grateful!

  2. Nicki –
    I hope you have seriously considered compiling your posts (and maybe some of the comments) into an inspirational book for others. You truly have a gift for writing. Glad to hear you are getting feeling back in your feet so you are better able to travel accross uneven ground. My lesson from you: count all of your blessings, big and even very small. Look at what you have and be grateful, don’t waste time worrying about what you don’t have. Sending love, Tammy

  3. You have some very special grandchildren. I understand the major importnace of blankies and that is such a sweet moment that he shared it with you!!!!

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