Ushering in 2013


I bought a little book by Brian Morgan. It is about a man who had very little money but he wanted to give something to his friends. He pondered on these things and began to write:

“I pray for you;

Joy in abundance and laughter, for laughter cures our ills and joy makes our spirits soar.

A sigh when you need one, for a sigh clears the heart as as a cough clears the throat, and with a sigh comes acceptance of what we cannot change.

Tears when you need them, for tears clear the eyes to see the stars and cleanse the soul to let healing begin.

Serenity, for fights and wars start in individual breasts and that is where they must end.

Wisdom, for our priceless gift is the gift of choice and we should use it well every day, in word and deed.

Patience, for most troubles pass if we wait them out, and success comes with persistence.

Courage, for there may be many pitfalls and dangers ahead and problems can only be solved when they are faced.

Compassion, for we cannot help others until we understand them, and we cannot understand them until we walk in their shoes.

Willingness to work, for work turns dreams to reality-whether the dreams are ours or belong to those we can help.

Unwavering faith, for faith shapes our morals and our destiny and draws us closer to God.

A mind full of hope, for hope determines our attitudes, sets our goals, and creates our ideals.

A heart so full of love that every day you must give some away to those whose paths you cross.”

This year I have realized that real wealth cannot be measured in riches but rather in family and friends such as you. I, like the author, pray for each of you, gifts that cannot be wrapped. May you experience a rainbow after the storm, smell the sweet fragrance of a rose on a summer day and may a snowflake gently kiss your cheek during winter’s cold spell. I pray you have abundant joy and laughter, enough trials to keep your heart soft, enough failure to keep you humble, and many friends to comfort you. May your heart overflow with love and God’s blessing in 2013. Thank you for touching my heart and life this year.


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  1. Happy New Year, Nicki. I am thankful for you, my dear friend. Hugs – Holly 🙂 PS I sent all my cards out today. Time to make more! 😉

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement. It is ironic how God uses those in the midst of their own struggles to comfort and strengthen those who like to think they are strong. We have no lasting strength of our own, but we have the ability to tap into the power of the Creator God who will carry us in our weakness. God Bless you in the new year and please know that Phyllis and I continue to hold you and your loved ones up in prayer.

  3. Nicki – You have been an inspiration to us all…May 2013 bring you complete cure and health beyond our wildest dreams! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  4. Happy New Year! I pray that during this new year your body continues to heal, your spirit continues to shine and inspire others, and that you achieve your goals this year! I know we will have much to celebrate on our family vacation!
    I loved your post today and I’m going to steal it.

  5. To you a happy healthy New Year ahead. Time with your family and friends to make more memories, have fun and relax! Love you very much! M

  6. That is beautiful! I want to share it on FB without your name attached. I’ve really enjoyed your posts this year and have been praying for you often. I hope you have a much better 2013 than 2012!!

  7. Thank you for those words — I feel stronger also for them and am ready for the new year and all that it brings for us as we make our own path. God bless you in this new year and always for the strength you give others. Just thank you…

  8. NickIi:
    what a wonderful message and a great gift you have given to us. I can never find the words to express what you do for me and I know many others, but the saying “there’s somethin’ about Nicki” fits my explanation as what you have done for me through all of your trials and tribulations throughout the past year. You just make me a stronger person – I love and appreciate you so much.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful prayer by Mr. Morgan, Auntie Nicki. Thank you for encouraging me in my walk with the Lord in the midst of all you’ve gone through and are still going through.


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