Progress Report


I chose Dr. Dan as my oncologist and his practice is in Boise. The six treatments of the hard chemo were administered at MSTI downtown Boise under Dr. Dan’s care. When I expressed my concern about using up my sick leave he asked if I wanted to have some of my treatments at MSTI in Meridian. Since he does not practice at Meridian I did not think that was an option. He has been very accommodating. I have some of my chemo treatments in Meridian then every third or fourth treatment I go to Boise for a consult with him before my infusion of chemo. I had a chemo treatment last Friday and saw Dr. Dan. It was good to talk with him. I will have an echocardiogram every six months to monitor my heart. The drug Herceptin can be harmful to the heart. Overall he was pleased with my progress and gave me a Christmas hug. After my session with him I was ushered into the chemo suite for my hour drip of Herceptin.

Pat was my nurse this time. I always enjoy her. Sometimes the nurses visit with the patients and Friday Pat sat beside me for a time. She asked me what I had learned from my journey so far. I shared that my perspective on life had changed.  I told her abut praying one night after my diagnosis expressing that I did not want cancer nor did I want to go through the rigors of treating it. However, if this was my cross to bear I asked God to use my illness in a positive way. The only thing certain when we enter this world is we will someday leave it. Everyone born will one day die. We don’t know how or when but death is a certainty. I want my life more than my death to leave a good imprint. I expressed how precious all in my family are to me. How desperately I want to watch my four young grandsons grow into men. How I am doing everything within my power to see that happen and leaving the rest in God’s hands. How truly blessed I have been to have such wonderful, caring and supportive friends who are walking beside me easing the heavy burden. I shared I believe God is not done with me yet. There is something more that I am supposed to do with the remainder of my life however long that may be.  I am excited to watch the next chapters unfurl.

I reached out to hug Pat when I was leaving. I expressed what a blessing she and others had been to me. She whispered in my ear, “No, it is all of you (cancer patients) who bless us.”

Today I saw the radiologist for my follow up appointment. She examined my radiated skin and like Dr. Dan was pleased with my progress. She is always so bubbly. We chatted about a cruise she had taken with her family.  I shared our family’s plan to go on a cruise together in 2014. She wished me a Merry Christmas and said I was an inspiration to her office. My thoughts ran parallel with Pat’s, “No, it is you who encourage and inspire me.” I smiled my goodbye knowing I would see her in three months, praying the reports will continue to be good.

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  1. Dear Niki..It was great seeing you on Sunday…You are a true friend. It was good to talk to someone who knows how I feel and what I have been through..I am so happy that you are doing well..Yes you are right about those girls at Chemo…They are ANGELS in my eyes..

    Well I better get some sleep here it is almost midnight and we are on the computer.
    God Bless

  2. It was good to see you yesterday even for only a few minutes. Hope we didn’t make you late for your appointment. You look so good…your smile always warms my heart dear friend. I’ll see you soon…when things aren’t so hectic. Love you and wish you a very Merry Christmas with your family! 🙂

  3. You are such an inspiration to me, Niki. When I think things are bad, you bring me back and show me the right way to doing things. Have a very Merry Christmas and I will see you after the New Year when MAYBE things slow down. We love you and are glad your feeling better.

  4. Nicki:
    I’m glad to hear the news of your long awaiting recovery “See you in 3 months” is like “Hallelujah”!! That’s great news and just in time for Christmas! Have a wonderful Holiday and a glorious New Year. Hope to get together soon for lunch or just stop by to say hello!

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