Week Five of Radiation


I finished the fifth week of radiation. My skin no longer looks like raw, red meat. Now I  look like an over cooked steak! My armpit is very dark brown in color. It looks like I have never ever washed. It is kind of gross looking but the doctor assures me it will fade some in time. The good thing is; summer has ended and I rarely wear sleeveless tops in public anyway. The chest area however is still quite red. The top portion of the rectangle is starting to itch. This, I am told. is common. I apply more lotion to the affected areas. I am really happy that I have not blistered yet. I finally resorted to taking the pain medication but only at night. I was having difficulty sleeping because of the discomfort.  Paige referred to me as Wonder Mom. Laughing, I think, “I’m no wonder woman”. Wonder Woman would not take pain pills. Then I remember Wonder Woman is a fictional character and I am not, so I caved and took the pain meds. They helped me get through the nights.

My chemo followed radiation last Friday. I am happy to have the weekend off from any kind of treatment. Yes siree, weekends are my favorite part of the week.

My doctor was pleased when she saw me on Thursday. She has a bubbly personality and talks a lot (like me). In her practice she gives her breast cancer patients a gift when they finish treatments with her. She will be out of the office when I complete my course next week so I received mine early. She handed me a gold colored medallion hanging from a pink ribbon. It had the words “Breast Cancer Survivor” inscribed on it. Survivor is what I intend to be but seeing the word tugged at my heart. As they so often do, my eyes filled with heavy tears that threatened to spill over. Like the surgeon and oncologist, the radiologist reached out to hug me. Don’t get me wrong, I like hugs (I really, really do as Sally Field is known to say) but I am wondering when did doctors start giving them? Do they hug cancer patients because the treatment has been so rough? Or can they read the sign on my heart I thought was invisible that says, “Make me feel special. Encourage me. Tell me I will be a survivor and watch my Four Reasons To Fight (Ethan, Lance, Maxton and Carter) grow up.

Twenty-five treatments are behind me with only five more to go. I am looking forward to Friday of next week.  Wherever you are, celebrate with me on that day!

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  1. We will be celebrating with you, Nicki…You have some very good reasons to fight and the healing part can be the most distressing..the itching etc. Paul Epperson is having the same thing but his is from stitches that are really deep…itching where you just can’t scratch. Makes me very grateful, Nicki that I am not going through what you are experiencing, so I am practicing a grateful heart right now!

  2. Oh, Nicki,

    You are so AWESOME. What a fighter you are. I look forward to your updates. You have a special talent to relate what you are going through. I’m sure that there are many others in your situation that are learning from you. You are an inspiriation.

    I will be coming home the end of next week or the first of the following week. I am soooo looking forward to getting together…if only for a short time. I pray for you every day and am sorry that I have not been home to help you.

    What a wonderful family you have. I have one too. However, they have not been put through what yours have been through. I fully believe they will be there for me too if I need them.

    Looking foward to seeing you and am excited that you have just one week to go! Yahoo!



  3. Hi Nicki: I’m so glad you updated your blog before I left for vacation because I was going to write you today. I’m over joyed at your news. Each time I read about the radiation I get frown lines on my forehead thinking how painful it might be. At the same time, I am also smiling because I know that you are getting better each and everyday and I see proof of that when I see you. Survivor is going to be in your vocabulary from here on out . You will be in my thoughts and prayers as always and you can bet I will make a loud YAHOO (while on OAHU) on Friday when you get to the “finish” line!! Love you much!!

  4. YAHOO!!! It’s Friday…….that means you’re done!! I’m proud of you Nicki. You are such a wonderful, amazing, beautiful woman and I’m blessed and very fortunate that I get to call you my friend. I love and miss you. Geneva

  5. Sweetie you are real image of wonder woman. Thinking about you today on your last treatment and so so very happy for you! Keep getting stronger lady. Love You and miss you. Hope to see you soon. Joey

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