Week One Of Radiation


I completed my first full week of radiation. My husband did not have radiation and I am not quite sure what to expect. I arrive at MISTI a few minutes before my scheduled time and check myself in at the front desk. The lady across the desk smiles  and assures me someone will be right out to get me. True enough, another lady walks me down a couple of hallways and takes me to a different room. We enter a dressing room with lockers and she instructs me to disrobe from the waist up. She gives me a dressing gown with 3 armholes. It is a wrap-a-round type of gown without the ties in the back. Interesting garment! I do as instructed and return to the waiting room. Jerry, the radiology technician quickly comes to get me. He walks me further down the hallway and we enter a wide door that is about a foot thick. We proceed through a short corridor and turn right to enter a large room where my treatment will take place. On one wall I see a computer screen with my picture on it. Each visit I must verify the lady I see on the monitor is myself and give them my date of birth. Once that is done I am ushered to a table in the center of the room. A white sheet covers a long 4” thick piece of HARD blue Styrofoam on the examining table. A footstool is placed beside the table. I step up onto it and then lower myself on the sheet covered Styrofoam. The technicians gently ease my arms out of the gown and expose my carved up chest area. Jerry tells me to lie still and not move as they tug and pull on the sheet underneath me to get my body in position. My head/neck are cradled in another hard form. A soft foam wedge is placed under my knees to help take pressure off my back. I raise my arms above my head and grasp two handles as they adjust side panels for my elbows to rest against. Looking up at the ceiling I see a large circle filled with lots of tiny lights that change in color. They turn red, violet, then blue, green, yellow and go clear before repeating the colors over again. I close my eyes and keep them shut throughout the rest of the process. I hear the technician call out numbers; 101.3, 93 etc. I assume they are lining up my tattoo marks with the machine. The table moves, rotates under me and finally stops. I hear them say, “Ok, Nicki we are about to begin”. A scripture from the Bible comes to my mind: “The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom (I insert the word,” what” instead of whom) shall I fear.” I repeat this several times in my head as I hear the machine whirring above me. I take my mind off of myself and use this time to pray  for my friends; Pam and Jack, Tom and Dolores, Sarah Thomas, and Jeannie Harold. In just a few short minutes the treatment is over. I am assisted off the table then return to the dressing room to dress. I drive back to work. This routine will be repeated every day except Saturday and Sunday for the next five weeks. I am grateful week one of radiation is behind me with only five more weeks to go.

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  1. We are rooting for you Nikki…this cannot be pleasant! I am so glad that you have HIM and His angels with you! He loves you and so do we! Win says hi!

  2. CONTINUING to pray not only for eradication of the cancer, but healing of your body from the surgery, treatments, and meds, Auntie Nicki. Love, Niece Grace

  3. you’re on a roll Nicki…this is your icing on the cake – the completion of your treatments will bring you only good things and to be able to plan ahead for your future with your family….we’re all on yor side pulling for you to win this uphill battle

  4. I know you’ll make a remarkable finish. I can see the finish line up ahead…..you’re in first place. GO NICKI!!! Love and prayers sent your way every day!

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