I begin radiation tomorrow. I am scheduled for 30 treatments in the next six weeks. I plan to continue to work during the treatments. Please pray the side affects of radiation will not be severe or prevent me from working. 

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  1. Hi, you are one very brave girl. As we pray for you, we are wondering if you are not driving yourself too hard. Do you have to work too? We will continue to uphold you to the Lord that your life will bring glory to Him.

    Love, Sen and June

  2. Of course you have our prayers! Just do what you have to do and then let some of us know how we can help. Hope you know any of us would be there in a flash (hot flash too) to help you. We are helplessly waiting to be asked. XO

  3. Nicki I am praying for you. Me and my computer do not communicate. So I will try a gain. If I don’t suceed I’ll have the kids help me. What a testimony and encouragement for others. If you could do than tha otherst could do it . I know it’s not easy Whenever I’m in my garden I think of you and what a huge garden you have. It’s always was fun who got the first bittermelon. Mom or Lolly.

    Love you, praying for you


  4. Nicki – Of course you continue to be in my prayers. I am with June though, do you have to work through these 6 weeks? Can’t you take some time off and take advantage of the Short Term Disability program at work? That is what it is there for. I hate to see you pushing yourself. You are one tough cookie, but do you have to be? – Thinking of you, Tam

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