I met with the radiologist last Thursday. Paige and Todd were at my side as the doctor spoke with me and answered all of my questions before I could ask them. Due to the aggressive type of cancer, the size of the tumor and the number of lymph nodes that were impacted I made the decision to have the radiation therapy. I am scheduled for 30 treatments. I will undergo radiation once a day, five days a week. I am told that I would experience fatigue and possibly some blistering of the skin. My chest area was marked with tiny pinpoint tattoos. I am trying to modify my schedule to accommodate the treatments. Once again proper nutrition and rest will play a big role in my recovery. I am at peace with my decision.

I started my second round of chemotherapy last Friday. I will undergo the Herceptin chemotherapy and radiation concurrently. My oncologist informed me that I that had the most adverse affects from the cocktail of  “hard chemo” that he had ever treated. He smiled, hugged me and said, “You made it through the hard stuff, Nicki. This next treatment will feel like water to you.” I returned the smile saying, “Good because I wasn’t so sure I would make it after the fifth and sixth treatment!” I kept telling myself that I was stronger than the cancer but each treatment physically took me lower and lower. I was beginning to doubt my ability to fight and win. I want to beat this illness. I want to watch my four grandsons graduate and I will.

I missed my children at last Friday’s chemo. Both Todd and Paige have been awesome to be at my side for all of the “hard” treatments. However, with the Herceptin I will drive myself; have my treatment and return to work the same day. I should finish this chemo sometime in May of 2013.  Woohoo! My family will celebrate when that day comes.

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  1. Niki
    I think of you all the time.I am trying to go forward with my life but find it really hard..My heart is so broken.. Well, I pray that you do well and if you need me to come and clean your home for you please call me I would love to help you..It will give us time to see each other..

    God Bless and may he watch over you through this long rough road you must travel..

    Love ya


  2. You ARE stronger than the cancer…you just weren’t too sure you were stronger than the treatment for it. You had an extremely rough time of it and I’m thankful those treatments are behind you. Keep your eye on Christmas…radiation will be finished and you will be in a time of feeling better with each passing week. Doctor Dan better be right about the Herceptin being the easy part because you SO deserve to get back to feeling well. Love you!

  3. I certainly have nothing to compare to what you have gone through, Nicki…but I am so glad you are able to communicate with us about the journey. It certainly helps to be connected in some way and to be able to pray. Keep looking up!

  4. You Can do it, spoken in the voice of Arnold Schwartznager. So glad you are done with the nasty stuff. Maybe you can eat now. Love you, you are like Margaret said, “tougher than the cancer”. Still praying, will always be praying.

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