#5 Treatment and Good News



We received good news today!!!  Get your dancing shoes on!!!  We originally thought Mom would have to go in for continued treatments once a week for the next 52 weeks after the initial 6 treatments–we misunderstood.  After treatment #6, Mom will come in once every three weeks.  And, we can deduct her 18 weeks of current treatment from the 52 weeks.  So, she will only have 34 weeks of treatment left after #6, which means about 12 Herceptin treatments.  May 2013 will be a very happy month for us!

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  1. This is great news. Praise God! You 2 are such sunshine in that picture. You would not know there was a health issue when you smile with such joy in your eyes. You are both a walking testimony of Christ’s true Light in the world regardless of the curve ball thrown your way. Love you both. Suzanne

  2. I am dancing! 😉 What a wonderful day with such amazing news!! :o)
    Hugs to you, dear Nicki.
    PS I can’t wait to get together! Hol

  3. “to cool for school” as the kids would say!! So glad to hear the news Nicki- We might get a good day of fall shopping in yet, huh?! And you did know that shopping IS the best way to celebrate, didn’t you?! Answered prayers …..

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