Treatment #4


I was able to have the fourth chemo treatment last Friday. The infection that has plagued me since I started chemo is still with me. I will be on long-term antibiotics during the rest of my treatments. That was discouraging news for me. My sister came and spent several days with me cooking, cleaning, gardening, nursing my fragile body and always lifting my spirits with her presence. I truly do not know how I would survive those few days after chemo without her. Very few people have the ability to sit in silence with me and be comfortable.   When I hurt, she hurts.  Glenda is an attachment of my own heart.I have never felt her love more deeply for me than through this illness. She would do anything for me and I for her.

Eating is once again an issue. The food still tastes salty and scratchy going down my throat. Eating requires a  conscious effort.  It is also an effort keeping my spirits up.

Todd joined Glenda and I for dinner last night and it was so comforting having him with me. His visit was a bright spot in my week. Over the weekend he participated in a 100 mile mountain bike race in Bend, OR completing the event in 11 hours 6 minutes. It was a grueling event biking over narrow, rocky mountain passes. The area was familiar to him because he  and his dad snowmobiled there often. He seemed to enjoy the competition and he loves the area. One more check off his bucket list of challenges he wants to meet.


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  1. One more chemo under your belt and you are past the halfway point. I can’t even imagine what you are going through you are such a strong and resilent women. You will stay in my prayers as you continue to heal and soon this will just be a memory of another mountain you have climbed and conquered. We love you Aunt Nicki. -Nathan and Nicole

  2. Nicki, it was so nice to see you at the Farm Credit BBQ. I am so happy that Blair shared your blog with me– I have been thinking about you since you told us Friday was your next treatment. It is so good to see your post today and that the sun is shining for you! I hope you have a big window where it can wrap around you like a fluffy quilt and lift your spirits. Know my prayers are being answered when I see you are feeling like writing something for your loved ones. You are truly an inspiration for all who read these passages… please know how much are you are loved! Arline

  3. Nicki
    What great news about Todd riding that hundred mile race… OMG- That news had to have got your “mojo” goin’! Something to make you feel good inside! Bend is indeed beautiful country. Keep your “mojo” goin’ nick….your running your own race and you’re going to come in 1st place and to the finish line…we all know you have it in you!!
    Love U

  4. Just to say Good Morning and as I go about my day…you are with me. I am sending my prayers and the red haired guardian angel to be with you…she brings to you a smile and hand to hold. I know you will find her with you.
    Truly with peaceful love.


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