Sequel to the stranger


Yesterday after work I stopped by the local supermarket for garbage bags. Star is a very small town like Parma, the town I grew up in. I paid for my purchase and the stranger approached me again. He says, “Hi, I am the one who hugged you last week. How are you doing today?” I smiled broadly and replied, “Today is a good day. I treasure each day that is good and try not to get too down when the days aren’t as good.”  He introduced himself and we shook hands. I again thanked him for his concern. We turned to go our separate ways. This time is was the stranger’s eyes that were brimming with tears and not my own.

I found out who the giver of the Aveda hair products was. A co-worker, Susan was the one responsible. I am not sure how she knew my scalp was an issue. I have large red areas on my scalp and this treatment has been so beneficial. It hasn’t lessened the redness but it feels so good on the skin. It moisturizes the scalp so it is no longer dry and flaky. I have not used the lint roller on my head since using those products. Again, I am blessed by someone’s thoughtfulness.

I continue to receive cards in the mail and they too reach inside my heart. I read the written words and I am comforted knowing so many care. The box I save them in is over flowing. I have not thrown any away. Sometimes I need a physical reminder that I am not walking this journey alone. The box of cards sitting on a shelf in my bedroom closet does the trick. I think my family and friends are keeping Hallmark/card companies as well as the United States Postal Service in business!

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  1. Nikki – I follow your blog and keep you in my prayers while you fight this battle. I had dinner with my friend Lisa and her husband the other day. She looked great and said she felt great. So good to see. She was the one who fought Stage three uterine cancer just last year. She has regained the weight she lost. Her hair, though still short is growing back in, and she said that food tastes good again. Most importantly she said she feels NORMAL again. It was a long hard road for her, but the destination was well worth it. You still have to travel down your road, but know that you too, will feel NORMAL again. Hang in there. Love to you, Tam

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