New use for the lint roller


Each Chemo treatment has affected my taste buds differently.  The only food that I have found that doesn’t feel like gravel or sawdust going down my throat has been Pacific low sodium tomato soup. I am so hungry but everything I try hurts the throat going down. I tried to lick a spoonful of peanut butter and when I swallowed it felt like grains of sand.  I drink a lot of milk. I have also resorted to drinking Boost supplements. Boost smells like a bottle of vitamins. I pushed the straw to the back of my throat and chug down the nasty tasting stuff.

The one thing that my sister has refused to do for me is shave my head with a razor. She buzzed and used an electric razor on me but she will not finish it off. I have stubble all over my head. It is prickly and my scalp is extremely dry. When I remove my hat it sounds and feels like Velcro ripping apart. Your hair naturally adds oil to your scalp and Chemo therapy dries out the skin.  Although I moisturize my head but it is hard to get the lotion on the scalp beyond the stubble. I have a new use for a lint roller. Every day I use the lint roller to pick up the dead, dry skin from the top of my head. Works like a charm!  When I got to work today there was an Aveda bag with products for my head. I don’t know who the giver of the gift is but I smiled thinking, “Who could have known my scalp would be an issue for me?” Another little blessing sent my way.

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  1. Oh Nicki- only you could have thought of a lint roller!! Altho, my hairdresser uses one to get the lose hair off my neck! Everytime I hear things like this, I always say “why didn’t I think of that!! I’m glad that’s working for you. Ever since you told me how awful food tastes, I have tried so hard to think of something you could eat to make your taste buds want more! Soup is also the best thing I could come up with- or chop suey cooked with garlic and ginger! I know the time is near for you to be able to really pig out on something that is not good for any of us, like pizza!
    Thinking of you Nicki!!
    Love Vicky

  2. Hi Nicki,

    I will happily shave your head for you. Yes, seriously. I have YEARS of using a razor under my belt. :o)

    I’m so glad you were given some thoughtful gifts today – that makes me smile!! Have a GREAT day.

    Hugs – Holly 🙂

  3. When the title of your post was about a lint roller and your first paragraph was about food…I kept waiting for you to say you were using the lint roller on your tongue!! Relieved it was only your head! You are a very inventive person! Hope work is going ok…know you must be tired by end of half day. Thinking of you! Love, M

  4. I too, am smiling just at the thought of your invitiveness….just want you to know that I have been thinking of you…On Father’s Day…..My thought was of all the special women that gave us men the honor of fathering a child with them… my heart went out to you and your family, knowing the Love you all have for one another…May God Richly Bless all of you at this time…..Reminds me of the Song “I’m so glad I’m apart of the Family of God” Thank you for being YOU…..

  5. I am smiling because I use lint brushes to get rid of dog hair,that would be unwanted hair. You are using it to get rid of the hair you wanted to keep! That brush is a versital gadget, and you still have a great sense of humor!!

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