A total stranger


My throat is scratchy and sore. For some odd reason I lose my voice with the chemo treatments. It happened with the first and now the second treatment. I talk a lot so maybe it attacks the weakest link; my voice. I’m smiling here. When I swallow anything it feels like dry sawdust going down. I am so hungry yet I cannot find anything this time that tastes even half way good. I am trying Jell-O this afternoon. I am hoping that will be smoother on the throat.
I am getting used to the “no hair” thing. I only wear my caps or hats when I am outside to protect my bald head from the sun’s rays. I even answer the door without any head covering. My head is small and finding hats to fit my head is a real problem. I wish that I were brave enough to go to work bald but I don’t have that much courage. Actually, I do have that much courage but I don’t know if it would make the customers or co-workers uncomfortable. Prime example; I donned my “Bad Hair Day” cap that my friend, Susan had given me. I went to the store to buy a few packages of Jell-O. A gentleman was waiting behind me at the checkout counter. He commented, “Having a bad hair day, are you?” I smiled softly and replied with only one word, “Cancer.” This total stranger immediately embraces me in the middle of the store saying how sorry he was. I don’t have a voice so I did what I often do, just smile and whispered,”Thank you.” He continues to walk with to the parking lot with me. I turn to go my separate way and this stranger calls out to me, “I am going to pray for you!” Again, I smile and whisper, “Thank you.” I walk quickly to my car hoping he didn’t notice the tears in my eyes. Add a total stranger to the list of people praying for me. My heart is touched and the tears brim over the eyes once I am in the safety of my car.

Tomorrow my sister’s childhood chums will come for lunch. Once a year, I invite these delightful ladies to my home for a full blown “Martha Stewart” type luncheon. Theresa, Karen and my sister stay for the whole day and we catch up on each other’s lives. Usually I plan the menu and table setting weeks in advance. However, this time my sister is preparing the meal for me. I know that my taste buds will not appreciate her culinary efforts but I will definitely enjoy the company. What a wonderful way to end my week surrounded by people who love me and a few who don’t know me but are willing to pray anyway.

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  1. You leave a footprint on every heart you touch. You have such an amazing ability to make those around you feel as if they’ve known you forever. This stranger’s offer of prayer on your behalf is just another example. I think of you often and pray for your quick remission. Miss you, dear lady : ) Love, G

  2. God’s love is every where. Total strangers are God’s messengers and / or angels. You are so brave and strong. That is not news to those of us that have known you forever. I wish i was couragous enough to shave my head with you. Have fun with the girls and tell them hello for me. Love to all of you, Suzanne

  3. I love the fact that there are good, kind people EVERYWHERE. Have a wonderful Martha Stewart weekend! :o) Hugs – H

  4. There are angels amongst us…and one could even be a total stranger. Enjoy your day with the ladies…they are a delightful diversion. 🙂

  5. Your garden must have been pure pleasure for your Martha Stewart friends to awe over. To have such a tradition makes us appreciate our good, old friends, and acts of kindness in a parking lot proves there are angels everywhere! Can I give you a few free garden tour tickets, just let me know, I think you would love getting out to a few of them and seeing Kecia’s garden with Paige next Sunday !

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