Two down, four to go


I was able to have the second chemo treatment last Friday. Paige drove me to the appointment and my sister, Glenda came on Friday night to spend the weekend with me. I went to Michael & Paige’s home Monday through Wednesday. The first few days after treatment are pretty rough so it is nice to have someone with me to follow up with the meds, proper eating and hydrating. The brain is pretty fuzzy and the energy level is near zero during the first week. My chest really hurts. It feels like it is sitting inside a vise grip; very tight, swollen and uncomfortable.  I had to resort to pain medication once again.  The salty taste and insomnia have also returned. I am hoping next week I will have more stamina back and be able to sleep once again. Two treatments down and four to go!

Today is Maxton’s fourth birthday. I can hardly believe so many years have passed since I first held him in my arms. We celebrated by opening gifts before breakfast. Max kept asking, “Ga-ma, would you like to play with me?” We played catch, threw bean bags, built a fort and played with his new Transformers. Later in the day, Michael and Paige took him to the zoo as a special treat for his birthday. Carter spent the remainder of the day with Papa and Grandma Goodson; a real treat for him as well. My heart swells with love whenever I think of my four grandsons.


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  1. Sorry it’s been such a rough week…kind of figured it was with no posts since Paige’s pictorial last Friday…which we all loved seeing…both of you hamming it up a bit! Now it’s time for things to start getting better each day…and hopefully this time it will. Now, go get you water jug and start sipping! If you don’t I’m going to make you wear that back pack thing! 🙂 Love ya, M

  2. Well, at least one more treatment is over. Thinking of you always, admiring your courage and outlook. But of course I have always admired you – nothing new there!



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