Enjoying Chemo Treatment #2


I’m sitting with Mom during her second chemotherapy treatment.  The chairs were uncomfortable, so I crawled up in bed with her.  We’ve spent the morning talking with the volunteer, social worker, doctor, and nurses.  Now I’m teaching Mom a few tricks on the MacBook.  She’s in good spirits (obviously–look at the pictures).  Even with no hair, she’s still BEAUTIFUL!  The people at MSTI are wonderful.  Just wish we could get a pedicure during the 4.5 hour treatment.

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  1. Oh my goodness, i agree! Nick you have always been beautiful outside and even more so inside. Paige you are such a gift to your Mom as well as Todd and your spouses.

  2. Nicki – I love your “do”. No muss,no fuss!! Hang in there my friend. the good times are near.
    Paige, you are an angel in more ways than one…I’m sure you know that, but in the times I’ve been “hangin” around your mom, I’ve loved the stories of you kids. Nick is very lucky to have you and you her!! These blogs are also such an inspriation to me. I thank you for sharing the journey!

  3. LOVE those pics!! Darn you’re good looking without hair! And nice job on those eyebrows! 🙂 So glad you have Paige there to hop in bed with you…she’s always been good at that. I remember when all 4 of you would be in the king size bed watching TV. 🙂 A few years have passed since then, but nice she still does it. And you’re right…the chairs are not the most comfortable for that many hours. Hope things go well over the next few days…and beyond! Love you, M

  4. Nicki, you always have been a beautiful woman and now here you are even more beautiful than ever. Thinking of you and cheering you on.

    Love, Ginny

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