Time for a shave


My left arm and chest hurt when I drive very far in the car. I cannot keep my arms up in the driving position long without aching. I drove to Michael and Paige’s house for a dinner yesterday afternoon knowing this. I hurt by the time I arrived.

Paige is an excellent cook and she prepared a wonderful meal for my sister and Todd’s family. My taste buds are improving and food does not taste as salty as before.  I was looking forward to dinner. She cooked tri-tip steak, scalloped potatoes, hot buttery rolls along with fresh snow peas from her mother in law’s garden. She had leftover sweet cream and even made her own cinnamon, honey butter. She set the food out and then called us to gather round the island for prayer. Lance raised his hand high in the air and shouts out, “Dibs on prayer!” His Aunt Paige answered, “You called it, Lance. Go for it.” We bowed our heads and closed our eyes as Lance began to pray, “Thank you God for this day. We are going bald for cancer and for Grandma. In Jesus name. Amen.”Once again, my eyes welled with tears. My two oldest grandsons were planning on shaving their heads in honor of me.

After dinner, the ceremony of removing my hair began. Ethan held the clippers and took the first swipe at Grandma’s hair and my sister buzzed the rest. My head is sensitive to the touch and I was anxious for the shaving process to end. I told my family that I had changed my mind about wearing a wig. I went upstairs to put on a Halloween wig. I descended the stairs wearing a curly, white Afro wig that lit up with micro fibers as a joke. We laughed and I took the silly looking thing off my head. I returned upstairs to shower and my sister shaved Ethan and Lance’s heads. Carter was given a haircut by his own mom. Maxton really dislikes his hair cut any time and he did not participate. I watched Paige pick up the mounds of hair and place them in the garbage and my heart pined a little for my loss. I remembered what my friend Pam had said, “It is only hair and it will come back.”

We ended the evening eating yummy homemade strawberry ice cream. I can’t find words to describe the taste other than; perfection. I think I have a Rachel Ray in my family!

My sister and Todd’s family left and I headed up to my room for sleep. Another milestone completed in my journey. I closed my eyes and visualized my grandsons; my four reasons for fighting.

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  1. What! No pic of you three with your new do’s? Or one with the new wig? LOL That wig must have gotten a good laugh from all! Lance’s prayer brought tears to my eyes too. And Pam is right, it will grow back…it’s just not easy when it disappears. As much as we complain about bad hair days, grey hair, having to dye our hair…we still don’t want to be without it. But when the treatments end…it will return…and you will be checking it every morning to see if it’s a little longer…and curly! 🙂 M

  2. Thanks for sharing your day. What a family to smother you in love. It is nice to have a cook. Joe is better at cooking than I am. I just fix what is easy and Joe does the extra stuff. Take care and will continue to pray for you and the pain. Can’t which is worse, being itchy or in pain. Rose

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