It’s a beautiful world


I slept well last night. I awoke a 4:45 a.m. feeling refreshed. I open the patio to relieve the house of the stuffiness and stand inside to breathe in the fresh morning air. The clean, crisp air beckons me outside and I obey. I gaze into my courtyard that is filled will beautiful colors; different shades of green shrubbery, various tones purple and blue delphiniums. There are roses blooming in russets, reds, and oranges. My two favorites; a peace rose given to me by Todd and Kristy on Mother’s Day and a yellow/bronze one called Leonitis given from my sister’s heart.  I gaze up at a hanging basket filled to overflowing with yellow, pink and purple million bells; a gift from friends in Baker City. At the edge of the covered patio a pink peony bush is filled with flowers. The fragrant blooms are so heavy they bow their heads to the ground. I make a mental note to cut them and share the bouquet with Paige. She is having a family dinner tonight and we will shave my head. The lilies are budded but their heads have not opened. I am anxious to see them. One Asiatic lily that is pure white and called Casablanca. The blooms are about as large as a saucer. The other is a white one also only with hot pink ringing each outside petal. It was a gift from my cousin and his wife, Faye after Lolly died.  It is aptly named, Lollipop. They don’t last long in the garden but their beauty is worth their short life. I cannot resist picking up the clippers to dead head the scabiosas, roses, and other flowers. I dig weeds out between the pavers in the courtyard with a pair of scissors all the while hearing my husband’s voice in my ear, “Use Round Up, Nick. Don’t waste time like that.”I smile because I cannot stand to see the weeds turn brown and die. I want them gone, NOW. I carefully check my watch and although my heart wants to continue I know that I must quit. Forty five minutes has passed and the sun is starting to peak over the fence. I stand amidst the beauty and whisper, “Thank you, God for this good day.” Turning, I head back inside my home.

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  1. Nicki –

    One of the reasons I love you so much is that you have an AWESOME attitude about life in general and basically everything!! Through all of this, I have been impressed that you have been able to keep such a positive outlook on life and see the silver lining in everything. A positive attitude means everything, especially when you are battling a serious medical condition. 🙂 I’m so happy that you are having such a wonderful day.
    Enjoy the sunshine. 🙂

  2. The garden sounds beautiful this lovely Saturday morning. I remember over the years our joking about the guys form of getting rid of weeds. Spray the green weeds and turn them into brown sticks or hoe the green weeds and leave them to turn into brown weeds laying around. You and I always wanted them raked up and the guys pretty much thought they were fine laying there. 🙂

    Have a nice dinner with your family. I’m sure you will be the center of attention…the grandsons will be thrilled to have time with their Gma and the shaving of your head will have their total and undivided attention.

    Take care my friend, M

  3. Oh Nicki, I have goose bumps reading how pleased you are with your garden! We need to come out and see it in bloom and fix that stubborn light on the spruce tree. I will call you Monday!!

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