My hair


I work for a half a day. Although my shoulder hurts I try to keep both feet on the floor and my back against the chair. I work straight through from 12-5 and leave feeling very tired but happy I made it through another day. I enter my home; fix dinner and text Candy Silveria to check on my friend, Jack. He had a hip replacement and I wonder how he is doing. I am told, “Sleepy, nauseous but otherwise okay”. I pray again for Jack and Pam then fall asleep on the sofa only to be awakened by the phone. It was my sister inquiring about shaving my head on Friday. Paige had called her to ask if she could shave my head on Friday after chemo. I tell her I cannot plan that far in advance and said I would call Paige and talk to her. I call my daughter to discuss the hair issue and she said, “Whatever you want, Mom. We will work around you. I’ll call Todd and tell him we have a change in plans.” I love her for accommodating me. I know that I cannot put off washing my hair another day so I jump in the shower, close my eyes to begin the delicate process of shampooing my hair. I did not need to open my eyes to know that massive amounts of my precious hair were being sucked down the drain. So much hair clung to my wet fingers that I could not even shake the hairs off. I step out of the shower to towel dry and a large amount my brown hair clings to the white towel. I take a picture of the amount of hair in the bottom of the shower, emailing it to my children with a message, “Plan B, shave my head on Friday after chemo.” I gingerly blow dry the remaining hair crying; realizing my prayer request to have hair until Friday was being honored.

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  1. And it too shall return…mightier and stronger than before…and maybe even curly! Sorry to report…chemo will not get rid of grey tho. I read your story with tears in my eyes, but know that whatever it takes to rid you of cancer…it has to be done. Just hate that you have to go thru it. Hang in there hair…one more day! Love ya, M

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