I did it!


Whew, I did it! I was able to work a portion of the day. My original plan was work from 11-5, working through the lunch hour stopping only for a quick bite to eat. I had just finished eating when a co-worker poked her head in the door saying, “Excuse me for interrupting, Nicki but there are two little people out front who wish to see you.” I told her it was okay. I took longer than I had planned anyway. I walk to the front to be greeted by Hannah and Eddy, children of my friends, Greg and Pam. In her hands Hannah held a vase filled with two highly fragrant roses plucked from their garden. They each tightly hug me and I feel so blessed. Precious is the only word to describe them. I adopted them as my own grandchildren years ago. When Eddy was maybe two or three he mistakenly called me Miss Piggy instead of Miss Nicki. His mother almost died of embarrassment as she corrected him, “Miss NICKI, Eddy not Miss Piggy.” From that moment on that child had my heart. Hannah reminds me of my own daughter when she was young both physically and intellectually. Their father, Greg had rescued me the week before; I had a gopher in my yard!

I did not have any teary meltdowns as I had feared and it felt good to be back to some normalcy. My left shoulder however ached painfully and I only could last until 4 o’clock. I was going to try to tough it out until 5 but Marion and Linda encourage me not to push myself. I realize the ache was caused by my reaching on the right for the computer mouse. Tomorrow I will adjust my keyboard area and see if it helps. I heed their advice and head home. I ponder about a pain pill but instead opt for Two Aleve, a glass of milk with half an oatmeal cookie. The painful shoulder forces me to lie down for an hour and a half.

The prior night around 9 PM a knock sounded at my door. I was video chatting with my oldest grandchildren. I hesitantly answer the door and there stands Travis, my neighbor across the street with a plateful of warm oatmeal cookies. I was impressed with his culinary skills. He had baked for me and my heart was deeply touched.

After resting I fix myself chicken and an ear of corn for dinner. Feeling satiated both physically and emotionally I end the day.

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  1. Darn, I just missed getting one of those fresh baked oatmeal cookies! Enjoy them…I always think of oatmeal cookies as good for you…kind of like a healthy breakfast! Hope today is going well too. 🙂

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