New revelations


I have had new revelations. Some of what was predicted did not occur like I was told before my first chemo treatment. For instance, the doctor said I would feel icky the first week, better the second week and feel human by the third week. For me week one and week two reversed themselves. I felt horrible the second week not all due to chemo however but bad enough I was ready to ask my sister to take me to the ER. I am predicting round two will go smoother since one issue is being resolved.  The other day my friend Jack called to check on me. It bothers Pam and Jack that I am here by myself. Jack knows how difficult this road has been for his wife Pam and it tugs at his heart that I am alone. She has cancer also. Pam is my “C sista” and my icon of courage, grit and determination. Those two have given me valuable advice; all of which I adhere to. Jack asks how I am doing and laughingly I say, “Like crap but I still have my hair.” He chuckles and replies, “Well that’s good but I wouldn’t count on that if I were you.” Once again he is right on target. Yesterday after using the squeegee on my shower I had to wipe up hair from the bottom of it with a paper towel. It was too much to let go down the pipes. I never realized how often I fiddled with my hair. Each time I touch it several remain it inside my hand. This morning my pillow had threads of dark brown and grey hair all over it. Darn it! I was hoping that I would be like Lolly; one of those who didn’t lose their hair but the inevitable is coming. Even the hairs inside my nose is going! I only hope I have hair until Friday. I am returning to work tomorrow and don’t have any head covering yet.  My head is super sensitive. It feels scalded as though I am sunburned and it is tender to the touch. I am careful not to scrape my scalp when I comb my hair.  At this moment I am opting not to wear a wig. I originally thought I would but too many have shared how hot and uncomfortable they are not to mention expensive and ugly. My friend Gerry came from Donnelly to take me shopping for a wig. It was a day that I was not feeling particularly well and it was emotional and exhausting for me. I tried on dozens of wigs at several different shops and they all looked horrible. We laughed and finally I said, “Gerry, I just cannot do this. They are too shiny, look synthetic and cost a fortune.”  I say smiling; “Besides they make me look like a hooker!” We both laugh heartily and she takes me home.

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  1. Nicki – If you are feeling better and change your mind on the wigs, I would LOVE to go shopping for a “hooker wig” (I need a legitimate excuse though and I know Brett would LOVE it)!!! You so make me laugh!! :o) Just think, you could go platinum blond or even red!! Va va va voom, girl! See you later!! :o) Hugs & a smile – Hol

  2. Hi Nick, Just an FYI…MSTI usually has a wig room that you can pick any wig/wigs you’d like. They did at the Nampa MSTI. Ruth had a couple. We took it to the beauty shop and they trimmed and styled it for her. I know you probably could get your “in house beautician” to help you in that department. Then you’ll have one if you want to wear it…and if not…there’s cute hats and scarves at the stores! 🙂

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