Until we meet again


A tribute to my friend, Don.

Today we said goodbye to my neighbor and friend, Don Crites. Don battled liver cancer; the same disease as my husband.  Don’s home sits kitty corner; north of my house. His wife, Judy has been my prayer partner for several years. Judy is not like me. She is more reserved; the exact opposite of my outspokenness but we share many things in common; the most important being our faith. We have cried and laughed together over the years since our friendship has developed.

 The memorial was held in the common grounds of our subdivision. Family, friends and neighbors gathered under a tent to pay tribute to a man we all knew and loved. The tent was open on one side and faced our small pond ringed with weeping willows. It was a fitting environment for his services as Don loved the great outdoors. Judy’s pastor, Tim did an amazing job amid the drizzling rain. My emotions are on display now with cancer and the meds. However, I would have lost it anyway once his grandson and son in law got up to play Amazing Grace on the trombones. Brandon, Don’s grandson is a talented musician who has won many accolades over the years. Tears coursed down my cheeks as I silently sang the song in my heart while they played. Don’s daughter, Kim spoke about her dad and their family life. That is a most difficult thing for a daughter to do. Sophie is Kim’s ten year old daughter and Papa Don’s special girl. She wrote an eloquent poem about her Papa and I don’t think that there was a dry eye in the tent as her mother read the words her own daughter had written; “For Papa” The rain ceased just at the close of the service when once again father and son played music one final time for grandpa. The song was so fitting for Don. It was Johnny Cash’s song, Ring of Fire. The sun is now peaking through the clouds and I’d like to think it is Don smiling down on us saying, “Well done.” So long my friend. Until we meet again.


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