The firsts of many


Yesterday Paige picked me up for the appointment with Dr. Dan, my young oncologist. I left his office feeling emotionally better than I was the day before. My first round of chemo did not go as planned but it was not totally due to chemo. I had another issue my body was dealing with and he assured me the treatment on June 1st would be better. My blood counts were good and he was pleased with round one. I wish I could be as pleased as he was. We left MSTI and headed to Blue Sky Bagels which will be our treat after my appointments with Dr. Dan. Paige will have her usual; parmesan with cream cheese, mine a toasted plain bagel, no cream cheese please.

I drove myself to my appointment t with Dr. Getz. That was a big feat for me. I have been cleared of the hurdle of the mastectomies. I got my last hug from him with assurances I will do fine with the rest of treatments. I shared I am an independent woman who is having a hard time being the patient and not the caregiver. One of my new roles is learning to be dependent on others for a short time. I do not learn things like that so easily. I keep reminding myself this is not forever; only a year and a half.

Today was the first of many. Chemo therapy alters the taste buds dramatically. I was prepared (sort of) for the metallic taste but I never dreamed that everything would taste salty. Salty, like someone had taken the lid off the shaker and poured salt into the food rather than lightly seasoning it. Paige and Kristy are both good cooks and I love to eat their food. Last weekend Paige worked hard trying to cook anything for me that did not taste salty to no avail. She made homemade gnocchi soup, homemade noodles with her own chicken stock. It all tasted so salty and yet she did not add any salt. Today I ate something that tasted like it normally does; celery. I was so ecstatic I ate two long stalks of the green stuff smoothing a little peanut butter down the center for protein. I excitedly called my sister to share the news. I called too soon. Although the taste buds liked it, the tummy did not! I guess the stomach is not quite ready for that much roughage. Today firsts: celery that tastes good, driving to a doctor appointment by myself, and going into a store that was not a pharmacy. Those are little things for some people but major accomplishments for me.

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  1. Nicky we continue to pray for you. You are strong and God will get you through it..You spoke of Denise at MSTI..She is one of the BEST… Her and Pat are Angels sent from GOD.. They took care of Dick and made my life through these past 3 years easier than I could ever think..

    Be strong and know that we are praying for you that things will get better for you every day.

    God Bless

  2. Those baby steps are important…things that were everyday happenings a couple months ago become so much larger in their importance now. “Ms. Independent” will be back…just going to take a little while. But we know she’s still right there, waiting to take over again soon. πŸ™‚ Glad to hear blood count numbers are good. Sorry to hear about the salt problem…order fries with no salt and they might be just perfect! Just trying to help! Love ya, M πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Nicki – So glad yesterday was such a good day for you……I am praying that you have a LOT of those in the next few weeks. Hugs – H

  4. You are going to have to let Ms. Independent take a little vacation and let others tend to your needs. What goes around, comes around, and it is your turn to recieve. You know how good giving feels, so let others around you feel good for a while by giving back. Glad to hear about your personal miletstones. Any semblance of “normal” has got to feel good. Love and prayers sent your way – Tam

  5. So glad it was an encouraging day for you. You might try sucking on lemon drops (the original hard candy) to see if that helps with the taste buds. I had patients that told me that helped. Love your thoughts on your blog. You are an impressive writer! Sorry we don’t live in Treasure Valley any longer to hug you in person, but know we are doing that long distance! We pray!! Ruth and Duane

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