Till The Storm Passes By


May 22, 2012

There are times in our lives when we know that we are being prayed for. There are other times when we need to audibly hear those prayers. Yesterday was one of those days. I am going on week two of my first chemo treatment. It has not gone as well as predicted. Issues have come up that I could not even imagine. I have made unplanned trips to the oncologist, gone home with my daughter for some TLC; called my wonderful sister for more TCL and finally called a few prayer warriors to come and pray over me. It was a day that I needed to hear my name being lifted up before the throne of God not just know in my heart or my head that people were praying. With my sister at my feet embracing baby, Jay and my two chosen people at my side I was ministered to and prayed over. When they entered my sister’s home one friend said, “What a privilege to be asked to pray for you. I have my big girl panties on and we are not going to cry.” She says this all the while her own eyes fill with tears. I laugh and cry at the same time reveling in her embrace and reply, “Oh, yes today we WILL cry.” My shoulders racked while emotions poured out of me. I not only cried; I sobbed. Even baby Jayden knew the importance of those prayers for his Aunt Nicki and never even whimpered as these beautiful ladies touched me not only with their hands but with their hearts and souls as well. It truly is a privilege to pray with someone and I wonder why more people do not pray for one another. Perhaps they feel embarrassed to pray out loud in their presence; worrying that the words won’t sound right or they will be judged for the lack of eloquence in their praying. However, God knows the utterings and groaning in our hearts and there is no sweeter sound than prayer to His ears. When the three of us finished praying they had me watch a UTube video of a lady singing “Till the storm passes by.” My Bible has words written all over it; in the margins and the front and back covers. I opened my Bible today and read these words I have written inside its cover years ago; “When the storms are raging around us and things seem darkest, we can either look at the waves of our circumstances and sink or we can either look to HIM and rise above them. He has the power to quiet the storms of our lives. But HE can go beyond that and quiet the storms of our hearts, bringing calmness and quietness.” Yes, until the storm passes by.


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  1. You have become my hero Nicki! You are making a difference in so many peoples live by putting your thought, emotions and beliefs to words. Yes, at times we need to hear the works of prayer that are being said for us. Praying over someone is so amazing for the receiver and the sayer. Our love and support are coming to you from Ohio. But God knows that your words give me hope every day that my issues are being handled as well as your. Stay stronge and always know that God and everyones love is with you!

    Please tell Todd hello for me…I enjoyed working with him at the snowmobile shop even just for a short time.

  2. I love you so much, Nicki, and am praying for you. 🙂
    I absolutely LOVE what you wrote about the raging storms, and God has you HIS life raft right now. You just need to hang on, keep your head up, and your heart filled with love and faith, and God will get you through this.
    Hugs – Hol
    PS In addition to doing EVERYTHING so well (decorating, card making, gardening, etc.), YOU are an AWESOME author……..you have a GREAT book to put together here!! ;o) I can see you’ve been hiding this talent for a while!! ;o)

  3. Auntie Nicki – your posts have been so wonderful for me in my walk with the Lord – though all have touched my heart, this one even more so. I agree, praying for one another, in person, is so, so, so uplifting – encouraging – feeling the presence of God right in our midst – the touch of friends on us – yes, yes, yes!

  4. What a beautiful testimony of the power of prayer and the peace that comes from prayer and tears. Tears are do have healing power. For me tears release the stresses in the body that are not identified by any other means. Love, prayers and tears for you. Suzanne

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