Maxton & “The Bag”


Explaining cancer to a three-year-old is, well, not easy.  Maxton knows Grandma is sick and that her chest hurts right now. Early last night, Mom made the mistake of telling him she’d show him her drainage bag (hand grenade, as she would call it). I can’t remember why she said she’d show him–it might have been to explain to him why he couldn’t roughhouse around her.

Later,  as we were sitting on the back porch, he came up to me and said, “I have to ask Grandma something.”    I told him to go ahead.  He climbed up behind her and said, “Grandma, what about the bag?”  For a while we couldn’t figure out what he was talking about–we were celebrating Carter’s birthday, and he was a little bummed that his brother got a lot of presents–maybe that was it.

Maxton was getting frustrated because we didn’t know what he meant.  Finally, he lifted up his shirt and said, “Grandma, you know the bag?  You said you’d show me.”  We laughed, and Mom showed him the bag.  “I want one,” was his response.  We smiled and told him he didn’t really want one, but my mom, being the giving Grandma that she is, promised to make him a bag of his own.

I just hope that my son doesn’t want to walk around all summer with a “bag” under his shirt so he can be like Grandma.

Thank you, Grandma for being so giving.  If you can’t muster up the energy to make him a “bag”, I promise I will forgive you 😉


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  1. I always enjoy stories about kids. But sometime it is hard to explain so that they would understand.
    While wait for Joe I saw a little hummingbird in my flowers and that reminded me when you feeding the hummingbirdd in your old house. In fact there were quite a few.

    I think we will be in Idaho May 7-14. I would love to see you and your ever smiling face. I will you later to find the right time

    Take care and we are still praying for you. Hopefully the pain will subside.


  2. Kids Say the Darnedest things. I am not sure how Art Linkletter spelled Darnedest but it is so true. How precious to want to be like Grandma even in her sufferings. Some day he will understand fully and realize how much joy his little words brought to Grandma. Happy Birthday Carter.

  3. Now Gma is going to have to make them all a “bag”…but since they are boys it’s going to need to be “manly”! And I can almost guarantee…she’ll “git-r-done”! 🙂

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