Laughter, the best medicine


Laughter, the best medicine

I have been waiting for a certain group of neighborhood ladies to come visit me. They all live in the east end of the cul-de-sac and my home sits on the corner. We don’t visit each other every week however we do get together several times throughout the year to do something fun as a group. I am the baby of this special group of ladies. We are all in our 60’s and do not like the term, “elderly” for obvious reasons. Yet I am looking forward to being called elderly when I enter my 80’s. That will mean I have beaten this cancer. They brought delicious raspberry/white chocolate scones, cinnamon rolls, hot coffee with flavored creamer and half and half. Yummy! The plan was to sit outside in my newly finished courtyard and have our coffee and treats. The weather did not co-operate and we sat instead at the dining room table with sunshine pouring through the east window. These ladies understand that I do not want to talk about my cancer all of the time and they know how to make me laugh. I never remember to bring a camera as that was my husband‘s job but Carole always has hers handy. She wanted to take a picture of Doris, Judy and I. I jokingly ask “Carole does my chest look too flat? Do I need to re-arrange my shirt?” My dear friend, Judy reaches for her napkin, wads it up handing it to me saying, “Here put this inside of your shirt.” We laugh uproariously as I wad up my own napkin to insert and make a matching pair of “things”. Carole snaps the picture. Laughter is such good medicine and these ladies make me laugh. Cancer is a serious thing and some would not appreciate my sense of humor but I have always laughed and smiled. Cancer may have taken my breasts but I will not allow it to take away my laughter. I know my nephew will be laughing with me as he reads this post.

Today’s blessing: Life, Laughter and Good Friends

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  1. Your laughter and upbeat personality have gotten you thru a multitude of life’s crisis and I know it will be a contributing factor in this new journey you are facing. There’s so much in life to enjoy, laugh about and being with friends having that laugh makes it all the better! Being with your grandsons will give you one laugh after the other! Have a good weekend with your family! 🙂

    Love you, M

  2. Greg found a new fertilizer that lasts a full season, it is a slow release dry and it covers 7,000 square ft per bag. Let us know if you would like us to come over one of these days, and put it on your yard and if so how many bags we need. We would love to do it for you. We love you, Pamela.

  3. This made me laugh and it’s so great to know you have wonderful friends to keep you laughing. We all need that and those are the same friends you could cry with and they would never say a word…just turn and make you laugh again. You are blessed and it’s always great to have someone close to remind you of that like these friends.

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