Passing Grade

April 24, 2012

I went for a walk today with a spring in my step and a smile on my face.  The physical therapist said I was doing so well she would discontinue her home visits. Yeah!!!! Perhaps I was a bit harsh when I called her, the “physical terrorist”.  Now that she is not coming back, I like her. (Insert smiley face here) I asked if I got an “A” on my report card, she just smiled. I said;”OK, how about a B+?” I have been faithful to the exercise routines even though they hurt. I may have lost my “things” as Lance calls my breasts but I do not want to lose the mobility on my left side. I will make every effort to keep the exercises up. It will be harder to do them when I return to work but I will remind myself to take a break, lock myself in a room and complete the afternoon set. I don’t want adhesions or the loss of range of motion. I am right handed but I am now forcing myself to open cupboard doors with my left hand instead. It stretches and strengthens that side of my body. I discovered I could not reach the bottom of the washing machine to retrieve the clothes. My friend bought me a gripper arm. One more problem solved.

I don’t cry over the loss of my “things” but my eyes well with tears when I think of all of the love my family has been shown this past month. We cannot believe the outpouring of compassion, the thoughtful gifts, and the offers of help and prayers that have been sent our way. I am not certain what we ever did to deserve all of this but my heart is overwhelmed and this is what makes me cry. Trust me when I say “I Will Pay This Forward!”


Passing GradeAp…

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  1. So glad to hear that physical therapy is going well and that you are walking with a spring in your step! All of this caring is coming your way for the years that you been there so selflessly for others. You have already Paid it Forward and it is just now coming back around to you!

  2. Nicki, I too am overwhelmed at your excuberance (sp) and motivation to go to the max to recover from surgery! I admire you so much in what you have accomplished since your surgery. I said this when I saw you the day after your surgery and will say it again -You look as though nothing has happened to you – your radiant smile when I walked in your house, you had your always beautiful complexion and your laughter when telling stories…If your grenades weren’t hangin’ and pokin’ from your shirt…noone would have thought for a second that something was going on!! Keep up the good work my friend!

  3. Woohoo!! Another step forward, you are on your own with PT…or maybe the PT read your blog and saw the new name you had for her!! So she’s letting you go it alone! 😉 LOL B+ is a good grade…we don’t want it going to your head that you’re a straight “A” student. Keep up the good work girl! Love ya, M

  4. You have a cute smile and a wiggle in your butt, what a blessing today. My gardening gloves can be used for gardening, dusting, or I could just keep them on and we could have a little party watching your flowers grow. Little devotion: Remember that God will wait while you take a little stone out of your shoe. Love, Myrna

  5. I was just given your blog. Praise God for your family of origin but for others that love you so much too. When i read your letters, diary, or your thoughts from Your Own Personal Cross, I feel your acceptance of your walk but also the emotions. Just know how much you are truly loved by so many and prayed for constantly, as not all of us pray at the same time for your continued strength and healing. Love, Suzanne

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