Progress Report


I have made progress this week.  Two of the three drain tubes have been removed.  Only one lone “hand grenade” remains. I will feel like a free woman; unencumbered when bag #3 leaves my side. I am anxious for the last one to go. My left angel wing has not progressed as well as I had hoped and the “physical terrorist” comes next Tuesday.

My sister has also left my side. It was time for Glenda to return to her own home.  I was given the very best of care while she was here.  I worked her hard. She set her alarm for my 2 A.M. pill regiment; then would bring me a ½ glass of milk and ½ a banana to take with the pill. I am not afraid to ask my sister to pull a weed, vacuum or dust. Nor am I afraid to let her know if she doesn’t do it the way I DO. I smile because both of us have certain ways of doing certain things. We know, of course, when to push and when to let them slide; when to talk and when to just sit together in silence. After all; we are sisters and best friends. I will miss my good cook. Food always tastes better when shared with another and I have always loved eating with my sister. Perhaps I should rephrase that; I have always loved EATING with anyone.

I was able to see all four of my grandsons this weekend. Maxton and Carter are my little live pistols. Carter gave me his “gentle hug and kiss” then proceeded to tell me “Up, up, Boppa”.  Boppa is what Carter calls me and it tugs at my heartstrings that I could not lift him as he requested. Maxton says, “Grandma, you feel icky and go auck, auck?” He sticks out his tongue and pretends he is throwing up while saying, “Auck, auck”. I laugh and say, “No, Grandma’s tummy didn’t hurt, her chest did and she had to have surgery; that is why you have to give me gentle hugs and kisses.” He looks at me and replies, “My leg hurts, I need sug-ree too.” I laugh and it feels good.  My older grandchildren come later in the afternoon and are glued to my side. I choose the leather chair because it is firmer and more comfortable when I sit. Lance sits on the edge of the chair beside me and Ethan perches on the arm of it. Normally, I do not allow the boys to sit on the arms of the chairs as it weakens them but today Grandma holds her tongue as I rub each of their backs and talk about their week. Ethan and Lance really miss spending the night with me.   I am a firm grandma and sometimes I even make them do work for me. However, we also have fun when they stay overnight as well. They love me to tell them stories when I tuck them into bed at night. Some of the stories I make up and some are of naughty things that I did as a child. I always add a moral to those stories. They love hearing my childhood stories the most. Lance starts talking about the next time they come and what project he wants us to do. This blog and my little boys are some of the best medicine I have.

Two of my friends from Baker City, Oregon come to visit me also. I think Nancy needed to see me to make sure I was not lying through my teeth on this blog. She believes I am doing okay now. I am ready for visitors. However, I need to remember to pace myself and to take my nap. For two days I did not get enough rest and I suffered for it.  It is difficult for me to be this pampered but I am trying hard to listen to the body when it speaks. However, I DO wear hearing aids in both ears and I don’t always hear well. Is this what they refer to when they speak of selective hearing?

Today’s blessings: CD music from 4 different friends that soothes my soul, the sunshine and my yard. It is in full glory this week. Spring has sprung.


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  1. Good to hear the progress you’re making…feeling a little stronger, getting rid of a couple of hand granades and getting to see all your boys. Bet that really brightened your day! Love the name you have for you PT…lol. Obviously, they can’t “feel your pain”…but they only do it for your good. Soon you will be able to have a complete angel wing arch. Glenda was a very good nurse…and a great sis to be there with you. Looking forward to seeing you in a few days. Keep working on that to-do list. 🙂 Love ya, M

  2. Hi Nikki, I am glad that you are feeling better but I want to offer to help. My mom was diagnosed with cancer last May and I was with her through it all. If you need food, someone to hold your hand, a hug, someone to help you get out of bed. Please call. I would love to be there for you. 286-0259


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