Bawl Baby Tears


Two of my dear friends, Pam and Jack came yesterday and brought Chinese takeout. Pam and I are dealing with similar issues; cancer.  We enjoyed lunch and visiting then Pam and I both started to fade a little. It was time for us to rest.  It has been a month since I had last seen her at the hospital. It was good for each of our hearts to physically SEE each other. I love her and Jackie so much and they love me back. They are more of my childhood friends.

My friend, Gerry came from Donnelly to spend the night with me. Talk about two peas in a pod; Gerry and my sister, Glenda. They both love me so much that they just want to do everything for me. I dropped the tennis ball that I use to squeeze and strengthen my muscles. Gerry immediately jumps up to retrieve it for me. I gently caution her; “Gerry, let me do the things that I can for myself.  Please don’t baby me.  I live alone and someone will not always be here to wait on me. Besides they want me to use my arms.” I smile; she tears up. Gerry is my tenderhearted, bawl baby friend! She and I have shed many a tears together since our childhood years and I love her like a sister. We talk late into the night and she worries that I am up too late. I have to keep assuring her; I am fine.

I wake at 5:30 A.M. and fix myself something to eat in order to stay on schedule with the medication. Around 6:30 A.M. Gerry peeks her head through my bedroom door and smiles. I am sitting up in bed reading emails. I pat the other side of my bed and invite her to join me. She crawls in beside me smiling just like when we were teenagers. I ask her to read aloud our devotional.  She reads the same two devotionals that I do. She reads the first two sentences “Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Hear Me saying ; Peace, be still to your restless heart. No matter what happens, I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Remember, this is God speaking to me. She starts to cry and says, “I think I need a tissue.” I roll out of bed and jokingly say to my dear friend, “Oh, you just stay in bed, honey. Let me get that tissue for you.” We laugh like school girls as I get a box of tissues and settle back into my bed beside her. She continues to read and we are both blessed.

My blessing for today; my many friends who love me and are not afraid to cry even when I tell them not to.


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  1. Niki:

    Thinking of you everyday… Asking God to stay with you and help you through these tough days… Call when you feel like it.. Would love to hear from you.. If I can do anything let me know..

    GOD BLESS!!!

  2. Sometimes girlfriends and laughter are better than any medicine you can take to forget the pain for a while….. I can just see you and Gerry in that bed, you crazy women…. love you both!

  3. I’m glad to hear that you have good times to make the bad not so bad!..excersize is such an ugly word but so good for us! Keep up the good work Nicki- Thinking of you lots!

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