Owieee…it hurts


I was given a set of exercises to do 3-4 times each day when I left the hospital. Some are easy; like sitting in a chair and stretching your neck from a forward position to laying your head on your shoulder.  Easy, peasy; I like that one.  Then I have to pull back my shoulders and squeeze the shoulder blades together. I like that one too. I thought the exercises I have to do lying on my bed would be easy also. They sure looked simple on the sheet of paper.  Wrong, oh so wrong! I never imagined lifting my arms above my head would be so difficult. I deep breathe with these exercises but the one that hurts the most is making angel wings; angel wings of all things. This angel can make a good wing on her right side; all the way from my side to above my head but the left wing is not so good. I fail to complete the whole arch on that side and tears smart at my eyes. I am told to only reach until I feel a gentle stretch but the arch is far from complete on the left. This angel now has one broken wing. However, she will fly again.

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  1. Now Nicki, don’t be an overachiever and push yourself too hard. If they tell you to only reach until you feel a gentle stretch, then that is what you should do. You need to do what they tell you to, even when it hurts (if it is supposed too), but don’t push past the gentle stretch unless they tell you too. You will get to where you can complete the whole arch, when your body is ready. Give yourself time and your wing time to heal.

    You are definitely an angel and you will fly again!

  2. OUCH!! Maybe take pain meds about a half hour before doing exercises…but still don’t make that angel stretch her wings too far…baby steps first! 🙂

  3. Angels, like people, come in all shapes, sizes and so don’t you worry one bit. You & your wings will be flying high before you know it. I’m sorry it hurts so much. I wish I could take away your pain. Just remember PLEASE BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF. Love, H

  4. Nick,
    I learned of your impending surgery via my barnyard buddy a couple of weeks ago. Bless Marcy E (of course), for cluing me to your blog. I think of you and pray several times each day and again today when I drove past Glenda’s.
    Know that I love you and pray for your healing.
    Billie Greenway

  5. Nicki-Be easy on yourself. Your angel wing will mend. You are truly and inspiration to us all. You are a strong and beautiful person inside and out. I am thinking about you and sending all of my happy prayers your way. We miss you here but take your time healing. Loves to you. Joey

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