I have been treading turbulent waters this past year or so.  My daughter would sometimes call me early in the morning before work or later in the evening after she put the boys to bed. There would be excitement in her voice as she talked,  “ Mom, I just HAVE to read you my devotional for the day.  It blessed me and I know that it will bless you too.” She would proceed to read her daily devotional to me and she was right; it would indeed bless me. For many years I have read a devotional called The Daily Bread. I really liked the one Paige was reading as well.  It is written in first person as though God himself is speaking to you and it seemed as though it was written just for me. The words were “spot on” what I needed to hear for that particular day. I commented that I wanted to purchase a copy of that particular devotional book.  On Christmas morning, one gift I opened was a copy of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young from Paige and another gift was an iPad from all of my kids. I didn’t realize at the time how much I would cling to each of those gifts in the coming months. My day begins with reading “Jesus Calling” and ends by reading “The Daily Bread”. My iPad keeps me in touch with my four little boys on a daily basis. I have since ordered nine copies of Jesus Calling in both adult and children’s versions to give away to others.  Ethan and Lance read the children’s copy at home knowing that Grandma Nicki is reading the adult version of the same book. Sometimes they read their copy aloud to me.  It is something we do together while we are apart from one another.

Yesterday the mail lady delivered a package to me.  It came from an Etsy store in North Carolina. Inside was a beautiful necklace. The sterling chain had three separate charms on it. One charm was a silver cancer bow, another a rectangle with the word “Fight “ stamped on it and the third charm was a circle that read, “Like a Girl”. I love it………Fight… cancer… like a girl. I don’t know the giver’s name of my precious necklace so I will send you my thanks via this blog.  I am fighting.


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  1. I received “Jesus Calling” from Phyllis for my birthday. I will be thinking of you reading it each day when I’m reading it. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you are reading “Jesus Calling”, too. I just started that a few months ago. You are always in our thought and prayers, Auntie Nicki.
    Love, Titus & Tiffany

  3. Greetings Nicki: Just a note to say hello and a reminder that you are not fighting alone and above all I am sending my most sincere love to you and yours. My evening rosary will be said for you and your family…Mama prayed the rosary all of the time for all occasions…sorrowful, joyous, hopeful, Notre Dame football games, that the angel food cake would rise properly on and on…so now I pray the rosary for all occassions and for the time that Mama and I can share together…one bead, one prayer at a time…and so my friend one bead, one prayer, one day at a time.
    Your friend, Ann

  4. I really enjoy reading your little devotion. It really keeps you in focus. There are a lot of people thinking and praying for you. You are such a special person. When I have to think ing about transplant or not. Those little devotion keeps me in focu.s And when I make a decision there is just peace that I have made the right choice.

    Keep fighting, we are with you.


  5. Nicki, I am Kathy’s sister-in-law, (yes Jim is my brother) and I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep fighting and keep your wonderful sense of humor. My love to you, Karen Deeds

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