Into the Battlefield


I not only loved my husband but admired him as well. To say he was not smooth with words would be an understatement.  I smile as I write this. Those who knew him quickly realized he was a straight shooter. However, he was gifted in his field of work and had such strong determination. He loved me and he loved our children. He accepted his illness. Our family life took on a “new” normal, one that included doctors, hospitals and medicines. I saw discouragement from time to time but I never saw him give up during the years he battled his illness. I want to be like him as I battle mine.


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  1. Nicki –

    Although I may not have known your wonderful husband, I do know YOU, and I know that he is VERY proud of YOU and YOUR FAMILY right now.

    You will get through this, and your faith, family & friends will be there right beside you, to help you along the way. The road may be rough, rocky, and uncomfortable right now, but you are persistent, determined, and I KNOW you will NOT give up, and I KNOW that YOU will WIN this battle.

    YOU are STRONG.
    YOU are a WARRIOR.
    YOU are a SURVIVOR.
    AND, YOU are loved by SO MANY.
    (MANY, MANY more than you could ever know or realize.)

    You touch the lives of EVERYONE you come into contact with because you have such a wonderful, loving Spirit.

    Love & Hugs,

  2. Lolly made it through so many years because he was strong and determined…AND HE HAD YOU! You were a rock for him to lean on when he needed to lean. I remember all the doctor and hospital visits, with Nurse Nicki by his side, taking care of all the details. Now Nurse Nicki…lean on your rocks and let us all help…you are strong and you are so LOVED. M

  3. Nikki, You already are more like your husband in strength then you know. In fact, I think you are even stronger in many ways. You have always been so strong for everyone in your life and done it with a smile on your face. Never think less of yourself if you do have a bad day now and then. You are an amazing person and I feel so privileged to have had you be a part of my life.
    Cindy Ward-Jorde

  4. Nicki
    I know that our lives have been so seperate for so many years but you know that you have always been a part of my life since we were 5 yrs old. I am glad that we have been able to keep in touch through the years. Being around you and your family in the past years has always made my heart putter with envy. You are a total rock of gibralter as I have seen what great children you have and how you were Lolly’s rock. You will get through this – I so admire your strength. I mean when I’m crying like a baby and you’re telling me to put my BIG girl pants on….who is the weakest link!! Through your journey-prayer,strength, your family and friends and a heart of gold will get you through. Please know that I am here for you – I know you will have an abundance of help but I want to be a part of taking care of you no matter how big or little things I can do.
    Luv U
    Vicky Pilayo

  5. I have always admired your strength Nikkie ! The other day I saw in True Value these glass (jars) pieces glued together and I smiled as I thought , “Nikkie made those first!” My heart cried when I heard the news about your cancer. I am praying for you as well as many many more !
    You have a wonderful family supporting you! I only know Glenda and Ronnie and love them both . I know how much they love you!
    Love you much to!
    Elaine Oostra

  6. Nicki

    We know tomorrow is the BIG day. Ron and I will both be with you in prayer Ron and Carole Willis

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