Friday the 13th. . .


I have always been proud of my children but never more than today. Todd, Kristy and Paige came with me to the meet the surgeon, Dr. Getz. We left Paige’s husband, Michael, in the field to work. He is the one who will work while the rest of the family goes out to dinner after doctor’s appointments.  After the physical examination we all gathered in Dr. Getz’s office for a discussion of what the next steps would be. The news was not good but what we all expected. My cancer is aggressive. I will have surgery on Friday the 13th of April to remove both breasts and some lymph nodes. Each of my children sucked in air at the mention of Friday the 13th; not because we are superstitious but their father died on Friday the 13th. I explained our reaction to the doctor. Quickly he said, “Perhaps we could change the meaning of that day. Instead of it being the day your dad died; let it be the re-birth of your mother’s life.” I am not sure if it was at that exact moment or the moment the doctor reached out to tightly hug me that sold my kids on this man. I have always told people that my children got their brains from their father but I have also contributed to the adults that they have become. Today it became apparent how strong my kids are. They have learned at an early age that life is sometimes difficult, but it is how you deal with those difficulties that matter. As I looked across my shoulder at those three pairs of eyes, I could see the pain registered there. I could also see them square back their shoulders after the blow of the news and see them begin to dig in their heels to help their mother in any way they can. I will have a brief recovery period after the surgery and then will undergo Chemo therapy. If radiation is needed it will follow the Chemo. And so my uphill battle begins. I know that many are walking this journey with me in their hearts.


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  1. Nicki, wish I was with you now, but you know me, I’d just be crying and make you cry, but we have always been good at crying together!! I haven’t quit praying for you and your family and am just so sad that you have to go down this road. I will be there for you buttie. Love and Prayers. Gerry

  2. One of the most beautiful and precious gifts I have ever received came on the 13th. Every year my baby girl has another happy and healthy year to celebrate, a few times falling on friday. In my book angels are born on the 13th. This time you will find the strength and beauty in this day. You and the family are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you Aunt Nicki

  3. Nicki, You and your family gave me a new outlook on life many years ago when I worked for you at the shop. Your family was always so positive and I admired that. That positive attitude will keep you all strong through this time. God is with you and so is their Dad. Know that we will be praying and will have our church family here in Ohio praying as well. Love to all of you! Stay strong and know that God will guide you through. I will keep watching for up dates on here. Love always and forever! Cindy Ward-Jorde

  4. Al & I are behind you 100 percent and we will always be there for you, any day or time!!. Lots and Lots of Love and Prayers are coming your way from the Murphy household. I found you some purple iris, so I will be over to plant them for you!

  5. Your surgeon sounds like a good man…I’m going with his idea for Friday the 13th! And I’m sure Maxton would agree that Friday the 13th can also be a good day. You are on my mind from the moment I open my eyes in the morning until I finally close my mind and eyes late in the night and try to fall asleep. I wish I could make this all go away, but obviously I am not capable of that. Just want you to know I will be there anytime you need me…a ride to an appt., pickup and delivery of something you need…and I even do weeds! Of course, you wouldn’t think so if you looked at my flower bed right now! We’ll enjoy sipping iced tea this summer on your patio…and you can crack the whip and say “hey, slacker, you missed one over there!” 🙂 You are the toughest 4’11” person I know and you are a fighter…it will be really rough for awhile…but then it will get better…and our little fighter will come out the champ. Love you more than chocolate…yep, even more than chocolate! Anytime, anyplace…I’ll be there! Love, M

  6. My 1st granchild, a grandaughter was born on a Friday the 13th, and so it’s not all bad, some of the best gifts from God come on that day.
    You have amazing friends and family around you and your going to be ok with them all there with you all the way. HUGS!

  7. Nicki, it sounds like Friday the 13th is pretty prevalent in your family. Don’t forget one of your own personal angels – Max. I remember Paige saying that no matter what she would not have a child on Friday the 13th, but Max didn’t listen.

  8. My dear Aunt Nicki….
    23 almost 24 years ago on Friday the 13th of May, God gave me the most precious gift with all fingers and toes….my little Amber Rose 🙂 GOD does work miracles.
    I love you so much

  9. You can’t see the horizon by looking over your shoulder. The date a battle begins is not the date to remember. Rather, the progress made during the battle and seeing that battle (date and all) fade into history are the true focal points of the battle.
    Nicki, our thoughts and prayers are with you an your family at this time. Good luck and may God’s blessings be with you for a rapid recovery.

  10. You are truly one of the earthly angels. You are such a sweet, warm, and sincere lady. You and your doctors are in my thoughts and prayers as you travel this tough journey. Your doctor sounds like a keeper by the way! I have my ASR prayer chains going for you too. I just found out about your blog (and your surgery) today. What a great way to keep people who love you and worry about you updated without having to tell your info over and over again to each of us. This ability is a true blessing of technology. Sending lots of postivie vibes and prayers your way today. – Tam

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