I am Loved


It has not even been a week since receiving the news of the malignancies on March 27th. The phone has not stopped ringing. The afternoon I came home it started; calls from three different doctors, calls from two nurses, my children, my sister, my family, neighbors and friends. The calls keep coming. The phone line needs to be kept open for the appointments and schedules that are being made so some calls have not been answered. I have, however, read every e-mail, every text , every card but I have not responded to each individual. I feel guilty. Their words both written and spoken have been like a salve to my wounded heart and I appreciate them more than they could possibly know. Some have been read more than once. I am still trying to wrap my head and heart around all of this and emotionally it has been difficult to talk. I can feel the prayers going up on my behalf. I am hoping that this blog will be my way of communicating without the emotional taxation of sharing my story over and over again. So, to the masses of people who care; thank you. I now know how much I am loved.


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  1. Nicki….the fabric of life has woven us together in ways that can not be severed. Known that you are loved and covered in prayer! I

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